Ze POWER!!!!!!!!

I CAN CONTROL ZEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Vell I get of reading ze comics for little zo go xo paradise ranch and ze moon and missed so much. Well I vill inform you know, I have ze focus stone and vrill rode and my forgotten gerch divice. Know it is ze matter of getting zo ze moon, zrade bodies, control ze zombies and rule ze world. This may be my final entry but wish me luck.


Phase 5,6,7,8,9

It seems ze teleporter is completely broken and I nor my comrads can see due to a blown fuse. Takeo is sick and Nikolaia and Dempsey are complete idiots so I vill zype my plan. First I must get ze golden rode before I leave to shangri-la. Once I have retrieved ze rode I can go to shangri-la and get ze focus stone. Zen I vill have to go to hangar 18 zo zeleporte zo ze moon and you vill vigure out ze rest.

Ze doctor

Hello zere, I am doctor Edward Richtofen former major general for group 935. 935 vas a German organization mainly vorking with element 115, 115 can create vepons of mass destruction like ze wunderwaff-dg2 and ze Ray gun. But 115 worked better on ze dead zan ze living, ze first zombie vas made and leading me zo lock my mentor doctor maxxis and his daughter Samantha in ze zeleporter and zeleporting Samantha’s to ze moon and maxxis in a unknown location. Now Samantha controls ze zombies and I now have 3 allies, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belenski , and Takeo masaki. I am on a mission to trade bodies vif Samantha and take control of ze zombies.